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David McMullan on Zongshen


Chinese motorcycle 'royalty' Zuo Zongshen built up his company from humble (bicycle repair) beginnings in a story that parallels Honda.

Zongshen is currently the 3rd biggest exporter of motorcycles from China (exporting a full range of types and models) and has recently concentrated on its electric vehicle division which is gaining world recognition for its advanced research and development and racing success.

Zongshen currently enjoys company assets of over 1.18 billion RMB, employs more than 2800 staff and has a potential output capacity of 3 million motorcycles.

Zongshen has built factories in Thailand and Brazil and has established offices in Latin America, Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines. The 'Zongshen' brand-name has been trademarked in 84 countries.

The average revenue for yearly export (export only) is roughly USD$ 200 million dollars.

Zongshen is one of the rare Chinese motorcycle companies that has competed at high lever FIM racing events. Zongshen's electric racing team has recently won a competition in Germany.