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China Road Racing Championship (CRRC) was hold in 

Beijing Goldenport Speedway between October 17 

and 19, 2014. In this last road racing event this year, 

Yuan XGJAO team proved its remarkable performance with both single-stops individual and team champions. 

In respect to the recently released annual CRRC total score, the 

team’s performance was also marvelous, with two team members listed in the top 3 among all individual racers, and the 

whole team in the second place in the year. 

The Manufacturer Cup 250cc Group was held on October 18, 

2014 and four teams raced for the championship, Yuan XGJAO, 

Zongshen, Magician, and TCC Tianyu. In the first four positions, 

members of Yuan XGJAO occupied three. They were Zhuang 

Anyu, Zeng Jianhang, and Zhang Hailong, in the first, third 

and fourth position respectively.

In second place, it was He Zhifeng from Zongshen. The competition was quite 

fierce in the group. The difference between the first and 

the fifth racer was only 3 seconds. Surprisingly, experienced racers Zhang Lang of the Zongshen team, and Qi 

Xiaotong from the Yuan XGJAO team, came in the final 

two, due to many reasons. 

The second round of Manufacturer Cup 250cc Group 

held on October 19, 2014 was basically a competition 

between Zhuang Anyu from the Yuan XGJAO team and 

He Zhifeng from the Zongshen team. After 10 laps of 

racing, Zhuang crossed the final in the first place 2.342 

seconds ahead of He. Among all the 11 racers in the 

competition, only Zhuang and He completed the race in 

13 minutes. Zhuang wined the champion for his wonderful performance in the two rounds, He was in the second place, and Zeng Jianhang the third. 

In terms of group performance, XGJAO wins the champion for its 

70 points, Zongshen the second place for its 56 points, 

and TCC Tianyu the third place for its 34 points. 

In this race, Zhuang Anyu’s weapon was the converted 

XGJ250 racing motorcycle. It features more rounded 

front and avant tank style compared to its original 

model. The motorcycle may not look as sharp as others, but offers a strong sense of future. The frame has 

also been optimized, making the body more stable at 

turnings. The maximum speed has been increased by 

technicians, and this made its speed at straights higher. As Zhuang’s race is completed within 13 minutes 

in the Beijing stop, XGJAO’s hardware upgrade for the 

250cc group is undoubtedly a success.