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---SENKE SK150-10A Test Ride Review




July in Guangdong is extremely hot. And yet the passion of summer aroused our initiative for the test ride. CHINAMOTOR organized a professional team with technicians, photographers, and logistics personnel, and tracked and recorded the test ride of the SK150-10A, SENKE 's new generation of 150 series street bike. CHINAMOTOR invited MARCO ANTONIO SCHROEDER TASCA, a former professional Brazilian motorcycle racing rider to test this bike. To collect the authentic first-hand test ride feedbacks, the two young designers of SK150-10A also joined the test ride. Before the test ride, the two designers did not give much detail on the features and highlights of the vehicle. Their attitude of "Let the Facts Speak for Themselves" shows their confidence in their design.


0-50Km   Initial Impression

Before start, the motorcycle is filled with 1.4L fuel, and all its meters are clarified to zero. The test ride team started riding from S270 Provincial Highway at Jiangmen Xinhui, following the planned route all the way to Zhuhai. Riding on the main city thoroughfare in the rush hour, the speed remained at 60 km/h to 80 km/h, also due to many bumpy construction and repair road sections. We then turned to S32 Provincial Highway, where the motorcycle also passed through many upslope and traffic lights on the concrete pavement. As a result, the speed remained around 80 km/h. The weather in Guangzhou featured "sunny in the east while rainy in the west" in the current season. While we were proceeding under blazing sunshine, the next minute, heavy rain powered down. We found shelter at a roadside restaurant and had our lunch there. During the lunch, the designers and technicians of SK150-10A asked Marco his initial impressions of the motorcycle.


“The design is perfect. I love the streamlined body, blue and white color, which creates a modern style,” said Marco. He also praised the intelligent LED meter, which was very high-end and upscale according to him. The rider can easily sense the speed change on the large round speed display, and get to know the fuel amount, mileage, gear, and rev shown on the LED display at a glance. The designers indicated that the dashboard and bike frame were independently designed and developed by the SENKE. When riding the bike for continuous three hours, there will be "FATIGUE DRIVING" indicator flickering at the upper left corner of the dashboard, warning the rider against fatigue driving. The frame of the bike uses advanced metallic paint, UV light curing and double-color coating process, offering sedan class luxury in body design and process. When asked about the comprehensive performance of the motorcycle, Marco replied prudently, "For now, I feel the engine, brake, and suspension all perform fairly well. The startup and acceleration ability is excellent. The bike can easily surpass other motorcycles while starting at traffic jams and traffic lights. As the road conditions we have covered in the morning were quite similar, and the bike remained at medium speed, I will pay particular attention to test the comprehensive performance of the bike in the ongoing sections."


50-100 km   Performance Experience

After a one-hour stop and lunch time, the team started again as the rain stopped. The road was quite wet and filled with water and dirt after the heavy rain, and the back fender then well played its role. The fender is actually removable, which is to makes the bike appear more fashionable and cool in sunny days without the fender. Shortly after the start, the fuel was used up, and the mileage meter read 47 km. For a distance of 50 km in poor road condition with intermittent stops, a fuel consumption of 1.4L is quite moderate. After refueling the bike, we continued our trip, went through a township road, and got on the S272 Provincial Highway. Since there were few cars on the bench road, Marco speeded up at this section. From time to time Marco even stood up on the bike or lay prone to the bike body, and also repeatedly tested the suspension at barriers and bumps on the road. After about 100 kilometers’ driving, we stopped by the road to take a rest. Marco and the two designers gathered together tacitly to discuss the performance of the bike after a 100 km ride.


The motorcycle is equipped with a CB engine of displacement 150 ml, with the maximum power 9.0 kW at 8500 rpm. According to Marco, the power of the motorcycle is quite abundant, and the engine torque and the final speed are excellent. The maximum speed in the test ride reached 105 km/h. During the whole ride, Marco noted that the operation of the clutch was a little bit heavy and had better be tuned a little. According to the designers, the intake system of the bike is designed based on a car intake system and can satisfy the intake requirements of a 300 ml engine. The excellent intake system makes riding more smooth and robust.


Besides the independently developed frame, SK150-10A also adopts an excellent rear suspension system, making the whole structure of the bike more rigid while enhancing the stability and smoothness of the bike at bumping or at high speed. The bike runs quite smooth when engine speed was within 6500 rpm, and the vibration feels a little bit obvious when it exceeds 6500 rpm. With years of riding experience with various types of motorcycles, Marco believed that was a common case for CB engines, while the synergy of the frame and the suspension system has greatly improved the buffering performance and stability of SK150-10A at high speed. The car disc brakes and wide vacuum tires provide responsive braking performance, ensuring good pass ability of the bike as well as better riding security.


"For my weight of 75 kg, the front and rear suspensions feel a little bit soft. It may be better to adjust it a little, but the bike rides smooth. Once during the riding I seemed to feel something wrong with the front brake, for when I applied the brake, the bike slid to the right slightly. Thus, I tested the brake many times later and found the braking was quite effective and had no problem at all. The cushion is harder than that of normal motorcycles. I think it will be more comfortable if it is softer." Marco gave objective assessment on SK150-10A, and also spoke highly of the two designers about their ideas and efforts on the bike.


The young designer team has brought modern and niche elements to the bike, such as the vehicular audio system. The vehicle is also embedded with the music player and mobile phone charging system, heightening the sense of technology. The MP3 player system brings music pleasure along your trip, while the mobile phone charging function provided on the system control panel allows you to charge you phone during the trip, making the trip more convenient and comfortable.


100-150 km   Field Testing 

After a short pause, our test went on with the next 50 km riding. Besides fuel consumption and meter display records made along the road, we did several tests during this section to further present the capabilities of the bike. On a straight road along the coast, with no other vehicles or pedestrians, Marco tested the acceleration performance of SK150-10A.




After the test ended, Marco did a series of stunts on the bike: head-ups, drifts, and tire-burnings. Our photographer took every wonderful moment with his camera. After his spectacular show, Marco was full of praise for the performance of the bike, "The bike was very responsive and obeyed pretty well."


150-200 km   Return Trip

After all the tests were completed, the team started their return trip.


Targeted as a lightweight sports motorcycle, SENKE SK150-10A features good performance and speed of a racing bike, and offers outstanding light riding pleasure. It is easy and convenient to ride and operate, and its exterior design impresses people with technology, fashion, and luxury. It is a complete breakthrough of traditional transport-purpose motorcycle. The beautiful body and the pleasure of fast motion are what the young generation seeking for on modern motorcycles.