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SENKE Raptor, produced by Heshan Guoji Nanlian Motor-cycle Industry Co., Ltd., won the 2014 Canton Fair Design CF Awards. 

Based on the concept of a lightweight sportbike, the Raptor features as good performance and speed as a sportbike, highlighting the outstanding light-riding experience. It is easy to control, comfortable to ride, and convenient to 

operate. The bike borrowed all its features including performance and appearance from an ancient dinosaur, which is fast, fierce, small and flexible, and ready to jump and turn. 

It follows closely to the market demand, meeting 

young people’s desire for high-tech, fashionable and cool motorcycles, and frees motorcycles from the stereotype of a means of transportation or carrying.

The high-rigid structure and excellent suspension system of SENKE Raptor greatly enhance the stability and smoothness of the bike at bumping or at 

high speed. 

The bike is given a intake capacity of 300CC. The excellent intake system allows the bike an incredible explosive power. The Raptor also equips with the vehicular audio system, heightening its sense of technology. The music playing, mobile phone charging and radio receiver functions will assure riders a more comfortable and convenient riding experience. 

When the continuous riding hours exceed the safety limit, the “fatigue driving” warning 

function will prompt riders to have a rest. This can effectively against unnecessary accident resulting from fatigue driving.

SENKE Raptor Won 2014 Canton Fair Design CF Awards

Perfect Upgrade
Hammered Out

—SANYA SY150-16C Test Ride
Getting close, you will surely be attracted by its trendy and deluxe appearance.
The most eye-catching 14.5 L extra-large drip-shaped retro tank decorated with the
new dynamic decal and unique 3-D metal logo sets off a sense of elegance, speed,
smooth, fashion, and luxury. The cool decoration lights on the tank look like the eyes
of a cheetah, making you feel the speed and excitement when shuttling like a cheetah
in cities. This dazzling nature outshines other motorcycles and creates a breath taking

The fashionable and comfortable saddle right behind the tank cover further extends
the sense of luxury. A combination of comfortable gas-permeable leather with special
texture and colors rather than the boring black highlights the body streamline for a
trendier look. Following ergonomics principles, the softness of the foam in the
saddle is optimized according to a scientific design to create a special comfortable seated position. The low shaking handlebar, widened foot pegs, saddle that fits a human body, and shock absorbers with prolonged strokes make your long voyage comfortable and enjoyable.

Once seated on it, you will immediately see the newly-designed LCD dashboard where the integrated design helps clearly show information. The hi-tech internal chip structure and advanced electronic speed sensor ensure more accurate digital information collection. The
steering lock is equipped with central control anti-tamper technology for higher safety.Immense Power for Exciting Riding

While the new designs of many models mainly focus on appearance changes, the new designs of SY150-Continuous improvement of product quality shows enterprises’ attitude of being responsible to consumers and represents a survival way of enterprises. The launch of SY150-16C reveals SANYA’s high product quality standard.

Since the product launch, SANYA’s R&D team has made a thorough improvement and upgrade of its power, configuration, suspension, and the like. This is the 16th redesigning of the model according to records. Retaining the features of its previous generation, this cruiser boasts more outstanding highlights. 16C pay more attention to its power. To
SY150-16C, the evolution stems from within, and particularly from the adoption of the UFB engine, which brings more smooth riding experience and less fuel consumption. Five core technologies are adopted for this UFB engine, including the crankshaft eccentric, penetrating–type air duct cylinder head, bearing valve rocker, compulsory lubricating and starting shaking-proof. The built-in balance shaft effectively eases the shaking of the motorcycle, making riding more comfortable, stable, and controllable at a speed of up to 100 Km/h. The UFB engine does not sacrifice comfort for immense power. Data shows that its maximum torque reaches 12.6 N.m and its maximum power is 9.4 kW. We selected
both slopes and highways to test the performance of the engine. SY150-16C easily
completed the slope test. Bearing a standard load, it was able to start in the stopped
status with gear 1 to climb up right from the beginning at a slope of 25° or more.
When riding with gear 1, it was able to climb up a slope of 30°. We also tested its
extreme speed on a flat concrete road. In a 1.2 km straight distance, it was able to accelerate to 96 km/h. Regardless of whether it bore loads, SY150-16C was able to start
smoothly without any pause and speed up quickly. After starting, the engine acceleration and power generation were obvious and the gear shifting was quick. The acceleration
was extremely robust at gear 2, enabling it to easily reach its designed maximum speed
within 100 meters.

High Reliability and Safety for Riding Enjoyment
SY150-16C does not lose points in riding

The enhanced frame provides an optimized structure for more stable performance. The
diameter of the main girder is increased by 40 mm and the diameter of the engine
swing pipe is increased by 38 mm to greatly increase the anti-shock capability and improve the anti-twist and bearing capabilities of the motorcycle body. The newly-designed
aluminum rear foot pegs are equipped with strengthened triangle plates to improve the
durability. The rear foot pegs and saddle create a perfect angle to make riding more
safe and comfortable. The newly-developed high-performance front shock absorbers
have a stronger cylinder structure that can easily iron out the impacts from various
types of roads. The combination of cool metal and power provides a stronger sense
of riding safety.

The lights of a motorcycle are also highly related to riding safety. Lots of efforts have
been invested in the lights of SY150-16C. The unconventional drip-shaped crystal
headlight adds an element of fashion and
luxury. The sedan-level enlarged luminous surface is able to emit light of over 30000cd.
The headlight shade is made of a new PC material, which is known as a steel-platelike engineering plastic and allows more light penetration, bringing you a clear night
view. The distinguishable ruby-like LED tail light features high luminance with low power
consumption for a better warning effect and is designed to conform classic aesthetic
that provides a luxurious and hi-tech feeling.

Nowadays, LED tail lights are not yet popular among motorcycles. Therefore, riding
SY150-16C in the dark will surely increase your confidence and profile.

The one-day test drive of SY150-16C left us a favorable impression. Its deluxe appearance, immense power, dazzling configuration and high safety and reliability together reveal SANYA’s commitment to the market. SY150-16C is a motorcycle worth buying.