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Benma (makers of the Sanlg brand) adopts the ERP system in the internal operation management; it has formed a complete
set of production processing system including
clients’ orders, production plans, purchasing,
production, quality guarantee, warehouse, finished
products, business accounting, after service, human
resources related function mode; this helps it achieve
good results in strengthening concept, processing
solidification, information integration and data analysis.
The overall marketing strategies make its subsidiary ‘SANLG MOTOR’ consumers’ most trustworthy
brand; its sales and service networks cover 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China; it has
over 2,000 franchised stores; its products are sold to
over 20 countries including countries in Europe, Asia,
South America, Middle East and North Africa.
Its output capacity reached 200,000 units of
motorcycle in 2006 and ranked 17th in China in
output and sales and ranked 5th in Guangdong
Province. The sales of its ‘SANLG’ motorcycle
ranked top three in Guangdong Province in the
latter half of 2007. It maintained a 9% annual
growth momentum and achieved the good sales
volume of around 330,000 units in 2008 in which
the market situation was so complicated. It exported over 120,000 units of motorcycle in 2008,
and over 200,000 units in 2010.
The company cooperated with the Japanese SANLG
technology and produced high quality SANLG motorcycles in 2002. It cooperated with the top Italian
design company Oolomit and completed independent design for which it has independent intellectual
property rights; the company developed the unique
engine in China and led the new trend of motorcycle
development. It invited some famous Chinese stars
including Li Jiaxin, Li Ming and Yan Chengxu as
the spokespersons of the products and won a good
brand image.
The Company sticks to the principle of winning popularity via service, developing the company with the
help of talents; it sticks to the people-oriented principle and keep the enterprise spirit of inflexible achieving dreams; it devoted itself to the goal of ‘making
the best motorcycle in China’. Benma takes the supporting of social welfare undertakings as ‘the enterprise citizens’ duty and has been involving itself in all
kinds of social welfare undertakings including helping
the disabled, rescuing people in disasters, helping
poor students and poor people for a long time.
Zengcheng Benma Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Benma) is established on December 29,1998; it’s located in the Xintang
Ganwan Development Zone in Zengcheng of Guangdong; it covers
an area of 110,000 square metres and has over 1,500 employees
(over 60% of them have college and secondary technical school diplomas); it’s a large scale private enterprise which deals in complete
motorcycle and engine production, sales and service; it’s one of the
first group of motorcycle enterprises which passed the national ‘3C’
(China Compulsory Certification) recognition and the ISO9001:2000
international quality standardisation system recognition. It has three
standard motorcycle assembly lines, three engine assembly lines with
annual output capacity of making 800,000 motorcycles and 800,000
engines respectively.
Improvement Builds
Core Competitiveness
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Talents Team Construction
The human-oriented value is the foundation
stone of the human resources strategy of Benma. The company recruits promising talents,
choose and train talents; they are greatly aware
of the fact that high quality talents are the decisive factor for the company’s development and
achieving its strategic goals. Over 60% of the
employees have college or secondary technical
school diplomas. The average working age of
leaders on the production lines is 8 years; they
have the experience of assembling a couple
of millions of complete motorcycles; the experienced workers use the teaching mode of
‘teaching, helping and leading’ to guarantee
the efficiency and work quality of green hands.
The supervision mechanism was set up and
perfected according to the ISO standards. They
developed professional test equipment independently to deal with the safety performance
related parts. They carry out daily evaluation
for products before the products go off the production lines and then feed information back
to all departments and set up independent and
perfect emergency plans. If one problem is
found for the strongly-recommended test part,
it’ll be dealt with seriously.
The company sticks to the systematic training
to make sure each and every Benma employee
improves and grows. Every new worker will
receive necessary training before they start
working; they organise training programmes
and make employees attend many internal and
external course lectures as well as provide employees with specific outdoor activities to improve them in technology, knowledge and quality in their spare time. The perfect promotion
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measurement machine
mechanism can activate employees’ enthusiasm and make them get a
good career plan. They have internal library to support and encourage
every employee to study and love study.
The human resources management goal of Benma: to train a management team of high quality and high ability; to establish Benma as a
modern learning organisation and attract as well as employing excellent talents with Benma’s excellent employer brand.
Production, Learning and Research Situation
Benma is the MBA class experiment base for Zhongshan University;
experts and scholars come to Benma to carry out subject discussion
and organise field practise. Meanwhile, Benma’s senior leaders also
got themselves involved in the subject study and also actively attended national communication and study; they also went to Italy and Japan to study and investigate. At the same time, Benma also cooperated actively with the advanced enterprises in the industry to learn from
each other, to compete with each other and to improve together. We
connect related inspection experiment actively whenever we carry out
a technical research; we actively validate and improve continuously.
Company strength
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Complete motorcycle vibration instrument 14 15
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Involvement in the Industry, National and
International Standards Establishment
The Chinese motorcycle market had not been regulated
for a long time until 2002; Benma has been seeking the
steady development strategy and hasn’t participated in
the vicious competition in the industry; the Chinese motorcycle industry began to regulate the market in 2002:
fake brand motorcycles are decreasing and the development prospect of big independent motorcycle producers
turns for the better; every producer pays great attention
for the development and research of new products; the
price competition has reached its end; meanwhile, the
motorcycle industry has entered the low profit era from
the high profit era. Consumption tax and the industry regulation strength play key roles. Benma found its development direction in this major adjustment and geared onto
an independent R & D road on which it cooperates with
overseas advanced technologies.
The new emission standards in 2005 and 2006 checked
the development process of many motorcycle producers;
Hexagon Joint Arm Flexible 3D
coordinate measurement machine
the intergration scale in the Chinese
motorcycle industry increased. Benma’s subsidiary SANLG brand began its technical preparation in 2002
and successfully tided itself over
the difficulties in 2005 and 2006;
meanwhile it became more aware
that: the motorcycle brand competition era is here. Brand construction
is a must. Benma began to change
its upgrade style, improve operation
quality, increase technical innovation, increase the speed of product
structure adjustment, improve product quality, perfect network system,
prolong service field, improve self
quality and try to create enterprise’s
core competitiveness.