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Everyone in the motorcycle industry knows the creation stories of the famous brands, from the weapons factory origins of Royal Enfield, BSA and others to the humble bike shed beginnings of Honda. I imagine that hardly anyone knows that these stories have startlingly similar parallels among the genesis of China’s P2W manufacturing industry. These days it’s impossible to actually count the number of Chinese motorcycle companies that exist, sometimes companies in a different industry will rent a production line to produce motorcycles for export. Sometimes motorcycle companies are nothing but traders who farm their orders out to existing motorcycle manufacturers but there are those who have a rich history and have enjoyed successful achievements globally.

With more and more Chinese brand names becoming recognizable worldwide this article has been designed to educate the reader (importer) as to the strengths of different factories and also the size of their production in the list below.

In these ‘potted profiles’ I’ll be detailing the histories and remarkable features of some of China’s top motorcycle exporting companies.

Loncin- Loncin are the biggest motorcycle exporting manufacturer in China and have achieved a highly positive reputation not least for their successful collaboration with BMW for whom they produce 30000 650cc engines a year. Loncin also stand out from the crowd for the fact that they are one of the few Chinese motorcycle companies that have competed in the top level of international FIM events. During the seasons of 2008 and 2009, Loncin raced at MotoGP 125 level making them the only Chinese manufacturer to compete in MotoGP. Loncin are situated in Chongqing.

Zongshen- Everyone in the industry is aware of the endearing tale of Soichiro Honda and his rapid rise to success. Zongshen’s founder Zuo Zongshen’s story is almost an exact parallel as he expanded from his repair shop (started in 1992) to become one of the largest motorcycle makers in China. Zuo Zongshen is now China’s 51st wealthiest person and a good example of the nouvelle rich created by the success of the motorcycle industry. Zongshen machines are regular winners of China superbikes competition and have won the TTXGP (the electric motorcycle equivalent to the Isle of Man TT). Zongshen are situated in Chongqing.

Lifan- Lifan are probably the most recognisable motorcycle brand from China due to their long reign near to the top of the exporting industry and their recent concentration on car manufacture. Last year Chongqing Lifan Holding Co. Ltd. achieved a sales income of RMB 22.8 billion, including the production and sales of over 320,000 cars, 1.5 million motorcycles, 3.4 million engines and 412,500 general-purpose engines with an export value of USD 582 million. Lifan are also well regarded for their research and development department which has had 6951 patents authorised. Lifan are situated in Chongqing.

Jialing- Jialing is famously a state-owned company that concentrates on the manufacture of motorcycles, motorcycle engines, optical lenses, plastics, generators and general machinery. Jialing were established in 1875 in Chongqing as an arms and military equipment manufacturer but changed their policy in 1979 to become China’s first motorcycle mass producer. Jialing's brand value currently stands at 8.135 billion RMB. Jialing is situated in Chongqing.

Shineray- Shineray (despite having a full catalogue of styles and types) are one of the few motorcycle companies in China to be known to specialise in a specific area choosing off-road vehicles as their speciality. Shineray are currently working towards being the China specialist in 40cc engine technology. The Shineray International MX-Team has taken part in the World Motocross Championship, International Motocross Championships, the Belgium Motocross Championship and other FIM MX events. Shineray are situated in Chongqing.

Qianjiang- The most interesting part of ‘Qjiang’s’ (export name Keeway) story is their purchase of Benelli in 2005. Keeway are also one of the few Chinese manufacturers that actively attack the European market as a primary campaign. Under the corporate umbrella there is Qianjiang-Keeway Europe (Hungary), Keeway Poland, Keeway Spain, Keeway Finland, Keeway France, Keeway America (USA), Keeway Venezuela, Keeway Argentina. Qianjiang are situated in Jiangmen.

Haojue- Haojue are the biggest producers of motorcycles in China manufacturing over 2 million units per year most of which are for the domestic market. Haojue have a production agreement with Suzuki which forms the biggest manufacturing cooperation in China. Haojue has ranked No.1 in production for 11 years and has a brand value is 26.586 billion Yuan (around 4.43 billion USD) which is also a record in the Chinese motorcycle industry. Haojue are situated in Jiangmen.

CFMoto- CFMoto are fast gaining the reputation for being the most forward looking of Chinese motorcycle factories. CFMoto concentrates its efforts on innovation rather than producing budget 2 wheelers and also has a decent reputation for making ATVs and UTVs which sell well in Europe, USA and Australia (in fact CFMoto is the fastest growing moto brand in Australia). Contrary to pretty much every other Chinese motorcycle company CFMoto sees that its future lies in developing the brand instead of re-branding. In 2013 CFMoto became the first Chinese motorcycle company to race on the Isle of Man when with WK racing they entered a 650cc twin the ‘lightweight’ TT. CFMoto are situated in Zhejiang.

Here is a full list of CAAM registered motorcycle manufacturers from China with their annual production figure (per unit) in brackets next to the company name.

Jiangmen Dachangjiang (Haojue) Group Co., Ltd. 2139292

Chongqing Loncin Industry Group Co., Ltd. 1742761

Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. 1551448

Luoyang North Enterprises (Dayang) Group Co., Ltd. 1390505

Guangzhou Dayun Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 1105972

Chongqing Zongshen Automobile Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1098405

Luoyang Northern Ek Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 1086338

Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 1046939

China Jialing Industry Co., Ltd.(Group) 990642

Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 982585

Chongqing Yinxiang Motorcycle (Group) Co., Ltd. 963618

Wuyang Honda Motorcycle (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 943618

Zhejiang Qianjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 828072

Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Group Co., Ltd. 437661

Jinan Dalong Vehicle Co., Ltd. 403640

Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 390616

Jinan Qingqi Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 383881

Chongqing Yingang Sci.& Tech.(Group) Co., Ltd. 371685

Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. 364473

Chongqing Astronautic Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 325741

Guangzhou Tianma Group Tianma Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. 293226

Jincheng Corporation 253563

Zengcheng Benma Industrial Co., Ltd. 250785

Chongqing Hijoy Industry Group Co., Ltd. 249908

Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 246581

Guangzhou Panyu Haojian Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 237757

Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. 233232

Zhejiang Taizhou Wangye Power Co., Ltd. 229699

Heshan Guoji Nanlian Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 208002

Jiangsu Zhongxing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 197962

Changzhou Kymco Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 178534

Guangdong Yinhe Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 175702

Chongqing Wonjan Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. 171273

Tibet New Summit Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 171133

Changchun Changling Group 166016

Fujian Sanli Engine Co., Ltd. 147596

Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 141501

Guangdong Daifo Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 132945

Jiangsu Linhai Group 126499

Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd. 121600

Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 120827

Guangzhou Motorcycle Group Company 120135

Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. 107240

Chongqing Kington Liyang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 101314

Chongqing RATO Power Co., Ltd. 92486

Chongqing Hi-Bird Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 89908

Zhuhai Zhujiang Vehicle Co., Ltd. 66470

Jiangsu Golden Tomorrow Vehicle Co., Ltd. 65433

Chongqing XGJAO Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 61881

Zhejiang Hongzhou Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 61024

Zhuzhou Nanfang Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. 60605

Taizhou Kaitong Motorcycle Manufacture Co., Ltd. 58706

BenZhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd. 57840

Taizhou JiaoJiang ZhiWei Motorbike Manufacture Co., Ltd. 56969

Jiangsu Jinjie Motor Manufacture Co., Ltd. 51783

Jiangsu Sunhou S & T Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 51534

Jiangsu Linzhi Shanyang Group Co., Ltd. 48351

Zhejiang Xingfu Motor Mechanical Co., Ltd. 45726

Jiangmen Giantco Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 45400

Jiangmen Dihao Motorcycle Co., Ltd 43979

Jiangsu Xinling Motocycle Fabricate Co., Ltd. 43840

Guangzhou Guangben Locomotive Technology Co.,Ltd 43626

Chongqing Wanhu Mechanical & Electrical Products Co., Ltd. 40803

Jiangsu Creative Motorcycle Co., Ltd 40565

Jiangsu Xiongfeng Vehicle Co., Ltd. 40351

Guangdong Fuxing Motorcycle Industrial Co., Ltd. 38568

Guangzhou Tianheng Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 33489

Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 33362

Dezhou Fulu Vehicle Co., Ltd. 32673

Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Group Co., Ltd. 32290

Kangchao Group Guangzhou Motorcycle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd 28094

Shenyang Tianli Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 27900

Sanyou Holding Group Yinyou Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 26317

Foshan Fosti Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 26046

Chongqing Dongben Industry Co., Ltd. 23758

Guangxi Yingang Nanyi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 23047

Cixi Kingring Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 21474

Ningbo Dongfang Lingyun Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 21235

Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Ltd. 20397

Zhejiang Riya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 17777

Huizhou MCT Motorcycle Co.,Ltd. 17560

Zengcheng Dongyang Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd. 16590

Jiangmen Liantong Hualong Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 15357

Shanghai Jmstar Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 15077

Zhejiang Cfmoto Power Co., Ltd. 14697

Zhejiang Kaikai Meiduo Locomotive Co., Ltd. 13567

Geely Group Zhenjiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 13351

Tianjian Xinhe Technology Co., Ltd. 12885

Jiangmen Huari Group Co., Ltd. 12508

Wuxi Celimo Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 12190

Jiangsu East Dragon Motor Co., Ltd. 12154

Zhejiang Leike Machine Industry Co., Ltd. 11737

Jiangsu Yuejin Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 11194

Lifeng Group Co., Ltd. 10194

Zhejiang Yadea Locomotive Co., Ltd 10156

Shanghai Meitian Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 7759

Dongguan Dongyang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 5251

Zhejiang Huangyan Sanye Group 3795

Kinroad Xintian Motorcycle Manufacture Co. Ltd 2381

Shanghai Benlin Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 1786

Jiangsu SANDI Vehicle Manufactory Co.,Ltd 1638

Shantou Dongwei Motorcycle Co., Ltd. 1410