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David McMullan is the premier journalist specializing in the Chinese motorcycle industry. For 12 years David has been the only journalist with access to the news, reviews and gossip in the Chinese motorcycle industry. You can read his monthly articles in many motorcycle magazines across the world and see his library of articles on the Chinese motorcycle industry here at China Motorcycle news.

Purchasing motorcycle parts from the Chinese motorcycle industry can be difficult. Here David offers you a guide to trading with parts companies,

A report on the 'China Motorcycle and Parts exhibition which the Chinese motorcycle industry holds twice a year in Guangzhou and Chongqing.

The motorcycle trade war between the Chinese motorcycle industry and the Indian rages on and doesn't look like stopping for many years.

Read a report on how the Chinese electric motorcycle, bicycle and scooter export industry is evolving.

The traditional enemies continue their battle for the supremacy of the motorcycle industry, this time it's in new markets.

The growing Chinese automobile export industry has become a real threat to the Chinese motorcycle industry

Read about the different motorcycle companies in the Chinese motorcycle industry, their strengths their profiles and their sales statistics. 

The Chinese motorcycle industry is trying to change with the times by upgrading its research and development techniques
More and more international motorcycle developers come to the Chinese motorcycle industry to develop new models and bring in new technology
Even though the Chinese motorcycle industry is having troubles there are still new companies appearing in Chongqing bringing a new hope
The Chinese government recognises the need to invest in superior research and development in the Chinese motorcycle industry.
Chinese motorcycle companies show off their new models at motorcycle exhibitions around the world
The larger Chinese motorcycle manufacturing companies look to alternative industries to supplement their profits
A report on developments to make higher displacement engines for the Chinese motorcycle industry in order for progress to continue.
International joint ventures with Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are becoming more common and more beneficial.
Chinese motorcycle manufacturing companies fail to produce affective and innovative marketing campaigns.
Many Chinese motorcycle companies wish to buy old classic brands after the success of Qianjiang and Benelli.
A report on the increasing interest in motorcycle tourism for Chinese riders domestically and internationally.
China's domestic motorcycle sales trade suffers because of the government's ban on motorcycles in urban centres.
All you need to know about Chongqing city which produces nearly 20% of all the world powered 2-wheelers.
An investigation in to whether international exhibitions can give the Chinese motorcycle industry the boost it needs
Many Chinese motorcycle manufacturing companies are now employing foreign experts to improve their models.
Traditionally powered motorcycles are not the only manufacturing innovations from industrial centres in China.
The Chinese motorcycle parts industry is the biggest in the world. Read here to see how much it is changing.
In a ridiculous turn of events some Chinese motorcycle companies are cloning products which are already clones.
A lack of communication and understanding is hindering the advancement of the Chinese motorcycle industry.
Many people say that China has too many motorcycle manufacturing companies. Read about the possible future here.
A report on how automation in the form of Chinese motorcycles has transformed the lives of people in the 3rd world.
 The growing Chinese passion for customising their motorcycles is affecting the development of export motorcycles.
A report by the China Association of Automotive Manufacturers on the possible future of the Chinese industry.
More and more foreign motorcycle parts are being used on Chinese motorcycles, read about it here.
Certain Chinese motorcycle manufacturers are concentrating on producing scooters and cubs for progress.
Nothing affects the price of a motorcycle like the price of the stuff it's made of! Read about the price rises here.
China has over 200 motorcycle manufacturing companies many of which compete with the same models.
In a male dominated industry David McMullan reports on the leading women in the Chinese motorcycle industry.