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Interview with Dante Richard Bustos,

Global market Director of Keeway Motor Co. Ltd.

interview background:2014 is the 15th anniversary of Keeway after Qianjiang Group registered the brand in Hungary. Since its establishment, Keeway has achieved exponential growth. Benefiting from its solid brand image in Europe, Keeway has been introduced with great success to North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Products of the Keeway brand are now available in more than 80 countries around the world. In the 115thCanton Fair, MEGA CHINAMOTOR invites Mr. Bustos to interpret Keeway’s rapid growth as well as Keeway’s marketing “secrets” in 2014

Mega ChinaMotor: Good morning Mr. Bustos, thank you very much for accepting MEGA CHINAMOTOR’s interview! As far as we know, you are now in charge of global marketing of the Keeway brand. Would you please introduce yourself to our


Mr. Bustos: Okay. I started to work in the motorcycle

business when I was 20 years old and I’m 31 now. I

started to work with a very traditional brand in Argentina, named Zanella. It’s a local brand in Argentina

with about 65 years of history. I worked in different

areas of the company, especially in the commercial

area. I was then in charge of all marketing activities.

After 4 to 5 years in the company, I became a product

manager and did product development work. At that

time, most products were very similar and customers

could not tell the differences. So my specialty was

to make the products more attractive and different. I

think my personal goal in this company was to make

very different products for the company.

During a business trip to China, I met Qianjiang

Group and established very good relationship with

Keeway. At the beginning, I was responsible for

introducing the Keeway brand to Argentina. When

Keeway started a new joint venture with Zanella in

Argentina, I became the CEO of the JV. That’s how I

started to work with Keeway.

Mega ChinaMotor:Well, your experience

covers marketing, product development and business

administration. I think it’s quite helpful for the company. What’s your focus on marketing this year?

Mr. Bustos: Keeway aims to become a more global

brand with a very clear corporate identity. To do this,

we need to start to change from inside of the

company and do many things we were not doing, and also outside, especially the network. I

think it will take 3 to 4 years to get very good

positioning and try to make Keeway among

top 10 brands in the world. This is my personal

goal and also a kind of goal of the company.

We need to show the world that Keeway is a

multinational company. We already have joint

ventures in many countries, as you can see in

that picture.

Concerning the company’s plan, because the

industry is changing all the time and many

countries have new rules, we need to adjust

the motorcycle business according to import

policies. It’s necessary to have good partners

and adequate preparations. That’s why Keeway

wants to focus on marketing now and makes a

clear brand image to gain better positioning.

Mega ChinaMotor:You just mentioned

Keeway has a lot of joint ventures globally, so

your marketing network is mainly built upon

your partners’ network? Will you consider expanding the network?

Mr. Bustos: We have big mixed networks,

some are our own and some are our partners’.

In different courtiers, there are different situations and policies, but no matter how the

network works, the most important thing is we

have a unified brand image and clear identity

in all the countries. One benefit Keeway has is

that most partners of Keeway are professional

motorcycle companies, other than multi-product companies.

Step by step, we are trying to convert the networks into the concept we call 50-50. It’s 50%

aftersales and 50% showroom. The idea is to

give our customers the best services. For example, B2C spare parts, quality genuine parts and

services to differentiate us from other competitors.