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I'm a big fan of motorcycle riding and had been a professional motorcycle rider in Brazil for many years. My present occupation in China is closely related with motorcycles as well, and motorcycle riding has become my favorite hobby. Since I got to know MEGA CHINA MOTOR, I've had many opportunities to experience China motorcycle brands. In August, invited by CHINAMOTOR, I carried out a test ride on EVO150R, a sportbike independently developed by HAOJIN.

As a large corporation integrating motorcycles, engines, and general machinery and key components R & D, manufacturing, sales, and services, Guangzhou HAOJIN Group Co., Ltd. EVO150R is a masterpiece with innovation breakthroughs, integrating the quality essence of 20 years' heritage and multiple innovative technologies. The whole vehicle is tough and robust in appearance, featuring safe and comfortable control, fuel efficiently, and abundant power. Thanks to its sports gene from race motorcycles, it allows you to enjoy both stable and comfortable riding and wild racing experience.

Impressive Body

In China, Chinese style knight bikes are everywhere. The stereotyped exterior design is limited to the most popular usage of carrying men and cargo. HAOJIN EVO150R is different. Its smooth lines and avant-garde style integrated with aerodynamic design impressed me at the first glance for its sportiness, fashion, and masculinity.

The dashboard and fuel tank are precisely designed, giving full consideration to aesthetics and ergonomics. The dashboard is equipped with LED lighting. The LED pointers bring clear, gorgeous, and dynamic visual effects. The front is full of personality. The V-shape front shroud, Iron Man style, exquisite dazzling crystal headlight, and fusiform turn signal lights, bring a unique sporty style. The exposed taillight in the rear provides sufficient and clear light and warning. A 15 L super-size fuel tank is installed, featuring lean and yet full design style. In perfect combination with the streamlined fuel tank cover, the fuel tank echoes the sporty and smoothly lined exterior design of the whole body, and fully represents the power and speed of EVO150R. In addition, the large fuel tank can easily reassure riders during gravity center shifting or riding posture adjustment in turnings at high speed. The all-aluminum handrail offers high strength and brightness, adding a luxury vehicle temperament to the whole vehicle. Though the exterior is not the key aspect in motorcycle evaluation, a cool and chic appearance is always the icing on the cake in the comparison of two similar motorcycles. Designers of HAOJIN EVO150R surely understand it.

Reliable Power Performance

I had ridden EVO150R through busy urban streets, highways, and country roads, and tested the vehicle's performance in different conditions. EVO150R is equipped with a CBF engine, which features a displacement of 150 ml, a maximum torque of 12.2 N.m at 5500 r/min, and a maximum power output of 8.9 kw at 7500 r/min. 

The characteristics of the CBF engine are the large torque, low rotational speed, and powerful acceleration response at low and medium speed. The engine is quite maturely adopted in Chinese motorcycles, and in EVO150R, its quick acceleration, low fuel consumption, good durability, and riding comfort are fully demonstrated.

Crankshaft eccentric design is adopted in the engine, which connects the piston and connecting rod to form a straight line in the occurrence of maximum pressure in the cylinder to fully utilize the energy produced by combustion, greatly improving the energy combustion efficiency. The traffic conditions of the urban streets highways, and country roads were quite complex during the test ride. Especially on the urban streets, there were a lot of traffic lights along the way. The vehicle stopped frequently and went forward at a low speed, which rose fuel consumption. The average fuel consumption was over 40 km per liter during the test, which was perfectly acceptable for a busy urban traffic with frequent stops and a large number of turns.

To effectively balance engine vibration, a balancer shaft in the direction opposite to engine vibration is adopted. It effectively balances the multi-step vibration generated by crank rotation, enabling smooth engine operation, and minimizing engine vibration. In medium speed, the engine vibration was hardly felt. After the rotational speed reaches 7000 rmp, or the speed reaches 100 km/h, the vibration was a bit more obvious. The performance is the best among Chinese motorcycles equipped with CBF engines. To my surprise, EVO150R seemed to always have abundant torque during the ride, no matter how the road condition was. The ultimate speed was excellent as well. On a highway, I speeded up to 107 km/h. The acceleration performance and fuel efficiency of the CBF engine was improved by using the lightweight pistols. I also performed the following acceleration test on straight lanes with few vehicles and concluded that the acceleration performance could perfectly satisfy urban cycling.

Easy Operation and Enjoyable Riding

The shape and power configuration shows EVO150R's sportbike concept. It gives an overall impression of fashionable style, abundant power, flexible operation, and comfortable riding.

Its central shock absorbing system effectively absorbs the vehicle body vibration and increases cornering balance and racing sportiness. In the test ride, the front and rear shock absorbers were a little bit too software for my 75 kg weight, but did not affect the riding balance. And yet the shock absorption grade can be adjusted based on different riding requirements. Its 80/100-17 front tire and a 110/80-17 rear tire were quite reactive in urban riding, offering balanced combination of firm ground grip, good control, and riding safety. Meanwhile, the heat dissipation was good. The durable wear-resistant steel disc brakes offered reactive braking performance and operation reliability.

EVO150R offered just-right sensitivity in acceleration, braking, and steering, which most pleased me. It can steadily and smoothly pass corners with ups and downs. The steering was accurate and the road senses were clear in corners. Steering response is quite neat. The vehicle didn't show any superfluous vibration at left and right turns. The steering was light and lively. In my perspective, the only defect in vehicle control was that the clutch was too heavy, and that the gearbox was not smooth enough in shifting.

The whole vehicle uses resilient PP and stainless steel standard parts, offering durable quality. The heightened handbar and high-resilience good-ventilation low racing motorcycle seat and saddle are rider-friendly. In the over 150 km test ride, I could easily maintain a natural upright riding position during most of the time. My back and wrists tightened by riding were eased, and I believe pains in the back and waist would surely not occur at long-distance riding. Its diamond-type frame features strong anti-distortion performance and high load carrying capacity, improving riding comfort and safety. Its footrest bracket is made of aluminum alloy with enhanced strength and quality. It is worth mentioning that the new inverted triangle design of the muffler covered with supersized stainless steel tails and anti-hot plate, is sharp and bright in appearance, making deep and domineering sound.

I really enjoyed EVO150R in the one day long test ride, and I did some stunts to end the test. The vehicle was quite collaborate. As to further improve the vehicle, appropriate adjustments can be made to the gearbox and clutch, and the high-speed long-distance riding vibration can be reduced.

Overall, EVO150R can satisfy me basically as a sportbike, for its cool shape and superb performance. Not matter for commuting or for suburban touring, I will recommend EVO150R. I believe you would take it as a practical and comfortable companion if you had tried it.

Specifications of EVO150R

LxWxH: 2050mm x 740mm x 1065 mm

Wheelbase: 1360 mm

Curb weight: 135kg

Rated load: 150kg

Fuel tank capacity: 15L

Max. speed: ≥90 km/h

Front tire size: 80/100-17

Rear tire size: 110/80-17

Fast idle speed / low idle speed: 2500±250 r/min /1400±140 r/min

Engine: four strokes single cylinder

Cylinder diameter: 57.3mm

Cylinder body structure: aluminum casting

Engine stroke: 57.8mm

Engine gas distribution: overhead camshaft

Engine lubrication: forced splash lubricating

Engine cooling: air cooling

Engine starter: electric/kick

Rev @ max power: 7500 r/min

Rev @ max torque: 5500 r/min

Max torque: 11.2N.m

Minimum fuel consumption: ≤354 g/kw.h