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Meeting the ?Old Friends? Here and Now

A Report on the 114th Canton Fair (Motorcycle Section)

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By Mega ChinaMotor Team


With a history of 56 years, the China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as Canton Fair) is a comprehensive international trade show with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete products, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers, the greatest business turnover and the best public praise in China. It is always regarded by Chinese foreign trade enterprises as a place to seek new customers, an occasion to consolidate the friendship with the old friends, and a golden opportunity to know the latest industry trends. 


The exhibition area for motorcycles in the 114th Canton Fair remains the same as those of the previous ones with only slight adjustment of the location for each enterprise. In a word, the demand for booths outgrows the supply, so many enterprises fail to apply for one. The reporters of our magazine will provide you with further information on the exhibitors and purchasers at the Canton Fair.


I. New Models at This Canton Fair


It is believed that many foreign merchants engaged in purchase of Chinese motorcycles take part in the Canton Fair mainly to find new highlights in this traditional industry. The new models of all the manufacturers are their focus, and now our reporters will show you all the new models in this Canton Fair.


In general, most of the enterprises exhibit the well-sold models in recent years with a small number of newly launched models exhibited in this Canton Fair. This also indicates that in face of such a sluggish motorcycle market, most enterprises maintain a mindset of wait-and-see, unwilling to put into too many man powers, material resources and financial resources to research and develop new models. Some enterprises bring their new products, yet nothing new except appearance design. The new models introduced by those enterprises are as follows:


New products from Loncin: industry-leading CR5 equipped with the brand-new powerful engine. Its appearance is designed by top designers at home and abroad in joint efforts, incorporating fashionable and sporty elements. It is now in the phase of trial-manufacture in small number, and predicted to come to market soon.


New products from Zongshen: ZS250GY-3 is a newly developed adventure tourer which is released to the world at CIMAmotor on October 17, 2013; this new model is mainly designed for long journey, which crossed Hoh Xil in the early stage and then will cross the Eastern Europe to validate its capacity for long journey; its appearance is designed by Italian designers, nice and cool.


QM125GY, new product from Qingqi which is equipped with the oil cooled engine developed by 5 times from GS200 engine technology of Suzuki, enjoys superior performance; inverted shock absorbers; and all its accessories are high-end and high-quality products including LED rear lamp, aluminum alloy foot rest and new decal design.


600cc touring motorcycle, new product from Qjiang, adopts 4-cylinder engine which is very powerful and equipped with a saddlebag; it is predicted to be marketed at the end of this year, first in the domestic market, and then in the European market, the South American market, and even the global market; currently, it has reached an order intention to become the supplier of motorcycles for domestic police. This model belongs to an Italian brand, which is excellent in quality. However, its price is lower than that of Japanese brands in the same category.


JS125-7F, new product from Jianshe, is developed on its own relying on the Yamaha power platform; the model is a functional vehicle with street bike style; it has dilated saddle, improving comfort; it is of high price-performance ratio with the following configuration for selection: drum brake/disc brake, mechanical meters/digital meters; it is predicted to be marketed at the end of 2013.


Wangye brings a scooter WY150T with sharp curves.


Bashan brings a vintage model, aiming at European high-end market.


XGJAO brings new products in red and the color is consistent with previous ones.


ZNEN brings a new model named A9 with popular appearance. It is equipped with LED turn signal lamp and air-bag shock absorbers. Drum-disc brake/disc-disc brake, digital/mechanical meters, MP3 interface and internal speaker are fittings for selection.


The new product from Dayang is the Zaizai (DY125T-28). It is the first scooter especially designed for commercial use in the Chinese market; it has the function of holding many people and materials; it supplies fuel by pump and it has a front-loaded tank which facilitates adding oil in the front.


The new product from Xinling, is a model with medium and high displacement (250cc), and its maximum speed may reach 160km/h.


Lifan presents many street bikes developed on its own.


RATO exhibits RT250ST which is a classic ATV. It has performed well in the South American market and the European market.


RIYA launches the brand new Hot-chili which keeps the general style of street motorcycle. It adopts rear disc brake and air-bag shock absorber, endowing the users with good riding experience.


XMOTOS develops the models on the basis of the suggestions from the mass customers, and the models are designed with new appearances; they are provided with streamline frame, sharp street motorcycle style and 50-150cc engines. In the case of using basic configuration as general trend, it provides upgraded configuration for professional clients; the models are predicted for mass production since November 2013 with the target markets as Australia, South America, Russia, and Southeast Asia.


Meiduo exhibits the new product of MD150T, for which special attention has been paid to the design of its front bodywork. The use of aluminum alloy shutter intensifies the metallic sensation. A height difference between the front cushion and the rear cushion reinforces the comfort and aesthetic sense of the cushions.


Longjia exhibits the new model of LJ50QT, of which the design style is alike in spirit to Ducati, a famous international motorcycle brand. It turns out that the new model is from a new product line of the manufacturer, which is oriented for high-end market in Europe; this model is designed by professional designers from Italy, which is configured with LED front lamp, LCD meters, front and rear disc brake, and self-developed 50-125cc engine. The model is filled with the elements of fashion and top quality.


Sonik launches a new tricycle---YH1102H-5 oriented for rural markets in India and South America. It is mainly a passenger tricycle.


HTA (Sunmotor) exhibits the new product of DN150T-1, which is configured with dual HID headlight, front and rear disc brakes, matte materials, aluminum wheels and 150cc engine; its major target markets are Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.


Sanya brings the new product of SY150-16C (Generation II) which is developed from SY150-16C (Generation I) by improvement of appearance design, and adoption of new taillight design and rear seat. It is predicted for mass production from October.


FEKON launches FK150-G which increases the lengths of the saddle and the fuel tank so as to make the motorcycle more applicable. This model is mainly for carrying passengers and cargo.


Haojin exhibits a classic black street motorcycle.


Senke brings a new utility model of SK125-20. The rigid intensity of its frame system has been improved by overall design and its saddle has been suitably lengthened with respect to the modeling features, thus making the sitting position more flexible and comfortable, and consolidating the necessary functions for carrying passenger and cargo. Except the basic practical functions for commuting, it is designed with beautiful appearances characterized by fashion and leisure.


SANLG brings a pretty cool yellow street motorcycle.


Jialing releases the eye-catching JH200-8 with very sporty and masculine feel.


II. Interviews with Overseas Purchasers


For Chinese enterprises, the suggestions from overseas purchasers are critical. They can know the demands of the consumers through the overseas purchasers' introduction to target markets so that they can make R&D and promotion of new models in a more purposeful manner. Meanwhile, they can learn the feedback on their products from foreign markets so as to make timely adjustment. Our reporters carry out random interviews with several overseas purchasers, and we hope their suggestions may be of some help to the Chinese enterprises. (Here only follows the summary of those interviews, and for details, please refer to the Talk Column)


A: Interview with Mr. Juan Carlos from Ecuador.

Mr. Juan has his own manufacturing plant in South America, and his products have been sold to many South American Countries including Ecuador, Chile and Peru. They have over 300 dealers in Ecuador. Each year, the sales volume amounts to 11,000 units with best-selling types as street motorcycle and off-road motorcycle. "We have been in cooperation with Chinese enterprises for many years, so we are very familiar with Chinese products. We often exchange ideas with Chinese enterprises so as to improve the appearance design and engine. I come to the Canton Fair this time for the purpose of getting more information on Chinese enterprises and searching for more high-quality suppliers." Says Juan.


B: Interview with Mr. Raj Thakrar from the UK

Raj runs an import company in the UK. He mainly imports motorcycle accessories and China motorcycle parts from China, and then sells them to UK and even the whole Western Europe through his own sales channels. Raj has been in cooperation with his Chinese partners for years. For this Canton Fair, he hopes that Chinese enterprises should make more inputs in R&D of new products so as to attract new customers by new products. When it comes to the prediction of European market in 2014, he is 100% confident. According to the prediction of Raj, the market share of motorcycle in UK will boast an increase of at least 20% in 2013 along with the recovery of the European economy.


III. Interviews with Chinese Exhibitors

Then we have interviewed the responsible people of several Chinese enterprises. Let's follow their ideas on their product orientation, market orientation and how to provide the customers with satisfactory products and services in a market full of fierce competition. Those are just what the Chinese enterprises should pay much attention to.


JNEN (Jiajia Juneng) exhibits 6 self-developed new models in the Canton Fair, and the motorcycle developed in conjunction with Taiwan CPI Company is especially impressive. Based on the knowledge of our reporters, the new models at this Canton Fair are primarily targeted for the new markets including South America, Africa and Eastern Europe. With respect to lack of overseas after-sale service network faced by Chinese enterprises, Li Jiangtao, director of International Trade Department of JNEN said, "Chinese enterprises must put into enormous time and energy if they try to establish their own after-sale service network. Therefore, we can only initiate active control at the source. First, we should improve product quality and be particular about every working procedure during manufacturing so as to prolong the service life of products. Then, we should enhance export inspection especially over mechanical performance. Any product deemed unqualified should in no way be delivered out of the plant. Finally, we should rely on the local professional service institutions to provide after-sale maintenance, and we only provide technical support as well as key spare parts." For the market prediction of the next year, Li holds that the overall market situation may be the same with that of 2012; for some individual markets, the European and American markets may boost slightly, while the Eastern and Russian markets may suffer decrease influenced by the policies.


General Manager Wei from Taizhou Huangyan Morui Motorcycle Co., Ltd. also accepts the interview. He is confident in the three brand new sport-bikes exhibited in this Canton Fair. "As you have seen, our company is mainly engaged in launching differentiated products. We aim to manufacture high-end and high-quality products. We have designed different styles demonstrating soft line and sharper appearance considering the preferences of different consumers.? Mr. Wei mentioned, "We have won sound market response for our products exhibited in this Canton Fair, and reached trade intentions with several clients in the very first day. We have focused on the markets in the Middle East and Latin America, because our products have good inner configuration and similar appearance design to various international brands, but we ask for lower price. It presents an optimum choice for those who enjoy playing motorcycles but could not afford high prices."



There are more purchasers in the motorcycle pavilion in this Canton Fair, and more orders for cooperation intention have been reached. Purchasers hope to see Chinese enterprises can improve their innovation ability and accelerate the pace of launching new products. They are willing to maintain close exchanges with Chinese enterprises in the process of improvement and improve the models according to the feedback of consumers in the terminal market. Since 2013, a new wave of purchasing new motorcycles has been brought about by the expansion of the South American market and the recovery of European Economy. In 2014, Chinese motorcycle enterprises may enjoy increased overseas market shares!