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Developing Dayang

——Luoyang Northern Ek Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd on the Way


Luoyang Northern Ek Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd., an independent corporate, is a large-scale Sino-foreign joint-venture specialized in manufacturing motorcycles. The main brand of this company is “Dayang”. It was founded in March 1992 with the total investment of USD 105,970,000. It has nearly 3000 employees and the factory occupies 37 hectares.

In the past 22 years, the Company has invested a large amount of capital to introduce complete set of advanced production technology and equipment from Japan, Germany, Italy, etc. It has established a perfect series of international standard of motorcycle production lines which including pressing, welding, plating and engine building. Till now, the Company’s production capacity reaches one million motorcycles per year. The products cover 8 series of motorcycles ranging from 50cc to 200cc, and more than 100 models of motorcycle, including the cub, scooter, standard, electric bike and tricycle.

The early 1990s was a golden time of development of Chinese motorcycle enterprises. A lot of good and bad motorcycle brands emerged. The Company has keenly realized the importance of “creating a quality brand and improving channels”.

First, the Company has made great efforts to bring product quality in line with international standards. In early 1995, it invested a lot of money to promote the ISO9001 Quality Control System. In October 2002, the Company obtained the national “3C” certificate. The Company is the first company which obtained both the domestic and international approval of ISO9001 Quality Control System among Chinese motorcycle manufacturers. Some products have obtained EEC approval in Europe, EPA and DOT approval in USA. With the application of advanced quality control means and the implementation of quality control standards, the product quality of the Company has been improved constantly, which has promoted its sales. DY90 once topped the sales of motorcycles nationwide, and DY100 is called the originator of Chinese bending beam motorcycles by the industry and swept all over the country.

Second, the Company has reformed its sales model. With the market as the axis and the original mature market as the base point, by radiating cities and villages at all levels nationwide, it has gradually expanded and improved its sales network. In addition, it has set a hotline, established files for users, provided accessory consulting services and trained maintenance personnel periodically. All of those methods have improved user loyalty.

The Company has not only technicians of different specialties but also provincial technical centers and national libraries equipped with a series of advanced product research and development detection facilities for style design, 3D design and motorcycle detection.

With excellent product quality, solid network and great technical strength, the Company is going out of the country. In Greece, “Dayang”, with its unique charm, is known as “World’s Top Four Brands” together with world-renown brands like BMW and Suzuki. In Nepal, “Dayang” is the only motorcycle brand of the Chinese motorcycle brands entering the country that has obtained the “environmental protection standard approval of the Ministry of Transportation of Nepal”. Since 2002, Dayang motorcycles have been successfully sold to high-end motorcycle markets such as Japan and USA.

After entering the 21st century, Chinese motorcycle industry has seen dramatic changes. How to adapt to the market changes is a subject which Chinese motorcycle manufacturers must think of. After a comprehensive self-analysis, the Company has determined to keep a foothold in the motorcycle industry and realize group-oriented development, and has adopted a series of effective measures.

Rebuilding image to maintain the market: Its television advertisement starring the international movie star Gong Li has yielded good publicity results. The brand awareness has been further enhanced, and both company image and product image have been improved.

Developing products to lead the market: The Company has always attached great importance to technology research and development. Since 2002, its technology research and development has become more market-oriented. New motorcycle technologies such as oil cooling and water cooling technology, trunnion shaft technology, digital ignition, three-way catalyst and electronic injection have been gradually put into use. With the attention to intellectual property, the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials and the improvement of technological innovation ability, the Company has again strengthened its leading position in the Chinese motorcycle industry with new products that lead the industry and the trend.

Operating channels to capture market share: In the Dayang marketing network, there are many such dealers that have joined Dayang since the founding of Dayang. They stick with, operate and trust Dayang. Today, the Company has over 5,000 sales outlets and service network stations, and its grassroots network covers villages and towns nationwide. The strong channel advantage has brought over 6 million users to the Company. In the meantime, Dayang motorcycles are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Dayang tricycles and electric vehicles increase rapidly at an annual growth rate of over 30%.

The new image, new products and vibrant channels are driving Dayang forward. The Company is striding forward and realizing new takeoff in the motorcycle product industry and extension areas. “Dayang” is becoming the world’s Dayang.