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David McMullan has a confession to make. Until 10 years ago he his only experience of motorcycles was burning around the park on his Honda GT 'fizzy' 50, riding down to Brighton on the back of his mate's Lambretta and watching Barry Sheen race on the telly. How times have changed. David is now the best known Chinese motorcycle industry journalist and consultant in the world (primarily because he's the only one). He also provides marketing for foreign motorcycle related companies wishing to trade in China and promotion for China's premier moto/auto expos and conferences .


David is the CEO of Taipan Motor Services Ltd a company that specialises in all aspects of the Chinese motorcycle industry. David is also the owner of Vrooom! Motorcycle Parts and a director of Fuego Power, producers and exporters of Motorhead Motorcycles as well as being a co-organiser of CIMAmotor, EPIC big bike and custom expo, China motorcycle and parts forum and Subcon China.


David was Time magazine's 'Man of the year' in 2006

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Articles by David McMullan

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A report on the 2014 planned 'Chongqing festival of motorcycles.
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A review on brilliant chlidren's motorcycle cartoon books.

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Friends and neighbours? Or enemies? A report on the fighting cousins.
Why China has to watch its back while India takes over Chinese markets.
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Chinese companies cloning clones? You couldn't make it up!
Language problems continue to hinder proper communications in export.
4 motorcycle companies or 240. Which is better?
How Chinese motorcycles revolutionised transport in developing countries.
Will China's change in leadership be good for the motorcycle industry?
Chinese motorcycle sales crash domestically as motorcycles are banned in cities.
The opening of the first Ducati showroom and dealership in Chongqing.
From selling 150cc to entering the 600cc market.
How China's growing custom culture is affecting the manufacture of Chinese bikes.
The history of the biggest motorcycle producing city in the world.
The China Automotive Association of Manufacturers comment on the future.
Chinese motorcycles made from Chinese parts? Not all of them!
What does the future hold for the industry?
How scooter and cub sales are keeping the industry moving forward.
The birth of a new motorcycle factory in Chongqing.
A report on the progress of Harley in China.
How the increase in material prices is affecting the price of motorcycles.
A report on China's domestic motorcycle dealerships.
How too many motorcycle companies competing is restricting the growth of the industry.

David McMullan and several other free-loading motorcycle journalists from around the world

Motorcycle media from UK, Japan, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, USA, Argentina, South Africa and Colombia eating free food as usual!

David and his team have interviewed some of the most influential people in the industry

  A selection of some of the global media Dave writes China motorcycle news for

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