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Bikes of the month

 David McMullan showcases some Loncin, Regal Raptor and Zongshen bikes
Regal Raptor Daytona
An Australian mate of mine used an older variant of this bike (with a sidecar welded to it) to achieve the Guinness world record for 'longest tour with motorcycle and sidecar'.
Regal Raptor DD350
Hello! Where have i seen that design before?
I can't remember the name of this Loncin model so I'll just call it the 'Loncin Supercallafragelisticexpialidocious'
Loncin razr 2
Do they call it the razr because it has an edge to it? Standard looking commuter bike if you ask me but then Loncin hardly ever do
Loncin sx1
Everyone loves dirt-bikes and dual-sports. This one is a pretty decent model. Spoke wheels rule!
Regal Raptor DD350 Bobber
I've never liked Bobbers, never saw the point of them. This one looks pretty cool but must be a huge pain in the arse
Zongshen RC3
Zongshen are doing the right thing at last and going for brand recognition marketing with 'Cyclone' instead of re-branding all their models. Very smooth bike this
Loncin laser
Anyone remember quad bikes? They were mega popular until Ozzy Osbourne nearly killed himself on one. I still have an occasional ride on them, great fun.
Loncin lion
This one's a bit industrial, it's got a tow hook at the front. Very nice design this ATV, well done Loncin
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